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Why should little junior miss the fun on Halloween’s? The baby lobster costume is the one thing to make your perfectly adorable baby look even more gorgeous. The pink-red costume and floppy fins are bound to melt hearts!

There are two different types of baby lobster costumes available. One is for 6-12 months old babies and the other for 12-16 month old babies. A careful distinction should be made between the costumes bought for your baby. The baby lobster costume meant for slightly older babies allow your child to crawl around. Now, that is definitely going to be an adorable lobster on the loose!

Thank you for stopping by BabyLobsterCostume.Com – the best spot on the web to find baby lobster costumes for your little “snapper”!  These fun costumes are all the rage, even if you don’t live in a coastal region.  Baby lobsters are just the cutest little critters, and you can dress your wee one as a little snapping lobster to get a lot of head turning compliments about your child’s costume.  A baby lobster costume is ideal for plays, costume parties and for Halloween.  When choosing your baby lobster costume, be sure to keep safety in mind!  The tips that follow will help:

-          Choose a comfortable material. 100 percent cotton is best, especially for very young children or those with sensitive skin.  Many costumes are made from polyester, and these are still okay as long as you put the child in a cotton tee or sleeper beneath the costume.  If your child is not old enough to walk, consider a baby lobster costume sleeper.  This is a good option that allows for you to change baby fast and that is easy to get baby into and out of.

-          Select a baby lobster costume that is reflective so that your little creepy crawler will be seen in traffic.  Even for small children that you plan to carry around with you to trick-or-treat, be sure that you buy a costume with reflective stripes or sew some on yourself.  Carry a flashlight, and choose a glow in the dark candy pail so that your child doesn’t fade into the darkness and possibly become injured by passing traffic.

-          Make sure that the accessories that go with your lobster costume are safe for your child. Very young children should not be given any type of toy that they can injure themselves or their little friends with, or that they can become choked with.  Small parts are a no-no.

The baby lobster costume is a cute ensemble of a jumpsuit, tights and headpieces. For 6-12 month old babies, the jumper is a beautiful red jumper made of 100% polyester satin. This jumper has a padded front which is of a lighter shade to mimic the lobster’s underside.  The baby lobster costume comes with a cute headpiece that can be tied under the baby’s chin. This headpiece has antenna and a pair of googol eyes to top it off. The costume is completed with a pair of carroty red tights which is usually bought separately.

The baby lobster costume for 12month to 16 month babies is specially adapted to make the child comfortable yet effortlessly cute! Little toddlers tend to love crawling and walking around. The baby lobster costume comes with little non-slip booties to prevent them slipping as they walk around. The costume comprises of a snug jumpsuit with an attached hood. The hood has an adorable set of antenna and huge animated eyes on it!

The baby lobster costume is just perfect on its own. However, what you can even do to make it even more creative, is to pop your baby lobster in a pot and become the chef! It would be the most heart-warmingly gorgeous sight in Halloween history!

Halloween is celebrated in many countries across the world. Children especially wait for this time as then they have a chance to dress themselves up in funny costumes, and they also enjoy looking at other people dressed in funny ways. It is like a holiday season for them. You shouldn’t be excluding your babies out of the Halloween fun, just because they are too small. There are so many choices of Halloween costumes available also for young babies.

If you are looking for some funny idea for your baby then you should definitely give baby lobster costume a thought. There is no deficiency of Halloween costume ideas for babies in the market, so much as there are over 300 different kinds of costumes available for kids alone; but most of them are usually very plain. A vibrant red baby lobster costume is going to make your baby stand out from the crowd, and bring a grin to the face of whosoever look at your angel. Even though the costume is funny, babies dressed up in it just look so adorable.

The baby lobster costumes are available in 2 different sizes. One is for babies of age 6 months till 1 year, and other for babies who are 12-18 month old. For the first category (6-12 months), the material used is usually polyester-satin. The bottom is usually made out of elastic and the lobster claws are attached to the arms. There is also a lobster tail.

For babies who are a year or older, the baby lobster costume is a hooded overall and has a zipper in the front. The footies have been especially designed nonslip. However, they are meant for indoors. Some people like to make the lobster costume on their own, however it is much more convenient to buy it, and they are not expensive at all.

Are you planning for any costume party? Or preparing you for the upcoming Halloween party? Are you not thinking about your baby’s costume? Many people are preparing for the costume party but they forget their little ones costume as you hardly get some costumes which you dress you baby in. babies are to be given that extra care and extra comfort for their security as a small thing can also create major problems for the baby. Now you don’t have to worry at all and you can also dress your little one up in a very comfortable and a very cute costume which will make him feel good and he can also enjoy in it.

The costume which is made for a baby’s comfort as well as it is taken care of that the baby’s freedom is not hampered in the costume. The baby can enjoy himself in the costume and yet stay in the theme in this wonderful and cute Baby Lobster costume. Babies are cute and cuddly and the Baby lobster costume makes them look cuter and cuddlier. Why should your little baby miss out the fun of the costume party when they do have an option of the baby lobster costume?

There are many different types of baby lobster costume in some very cute colors as well. These baby lobster costumes are categorized in different age group wise. All you have to do is pick up the costume which you feel your baby would love to be in and place an order and you don’t have to go anywhere to get the costume your order will be delivered to you. We make sure that your baby is comfortable in the baby lobster costume and enjoy their freedom as well. Babies can crawl and dance and move around easily without any hassle in the baby lobster costume so why wait? Go and get a beautiful costume for your little baby today. Happy Shopping!!

With 364 days to think about what your child would wear, you should at least think of something more original.

Keeping Your Lobster Comfortable

Baby’s comfort is of the utmost importance when you are buying a baby lobster costume for Halloween or a masquerade party. Be sure to note that baby’s temperatures are different than adults. They get colder easier than we do, but they also can get hot quickly. Look for a baby costume that is breathable and that allows air to circulate freely. You can invariably make baby more comfortable by dressing him beneath his costume in warmer clothing if it is cold outside on Trick-or-Treat night. Layering baby in clothing that is easy to get off and on is a good idea. Look for a baby lobster costume with easy access to the diaper area in case baby needs to be changed.

The Right Fit for Your Baby Lobster Costume

Just like you, if your baby is not comfortable in his costume, his lobster claws will come out – and nobody will be happy then! Your little one will feel all crabby if he isn’t comfortable in his Baby Lobster Costume. But he doesn’t have to be uncomfortable if you take the right measurements the first time. Note baby’s height and weight, and measure him from head to tootsie before comparing his measurements to those in the size chart for the lobster costume that you like most. If everything matches up – baby will be good to go, lobster claws will stay in where they belong so that you don’t get pinched!

There is something just so adorable about infants and animal costumes. Take, for instance, the lobster. With its pink and red colors and the floppy pincers and fins, this is one adorable costume. The costume can be had in two variations – one for infants and the other for the one year to 16-month age group. You will have to measure your child rather accurately to ensure the size. And what better place to pick one up than Baby Lobster Costume? The costumes are made with polyester and are best worn with cotton clothes underneath. For temperamental kids, they form a great sleep in suit as well.

Baby Lobster costumes – Cute crustaceans

Dressing up children and especially babies is always fun especially during the Halloween season.  It is a chance for parents to release their creative selves to come up with the most original designs for their children to go trick-or-treating in.  In our modern world, parents do not have the time to make Halloween costumes because of their busy schedules.  That is why buying costumes are the most practical solutions for parents such as these.

When dressing the older children, scarier is always better for them because they are at the stage of their lives where they start to accept the scarier types of objects.  As for babies, cute is the best theme of choice.  Puppy, kitten, and other cuddly animal costumes are the usual type of costumes parents choose but the fad is getting a bit too common.  Why not go for the unusual and check out some baby lobster costumes.  It sounds funny at first but imagine your baby as a little lobster.  Not many parents would think of this as an ideal Halloween costume but you will never know until you try it.

Every year you will find more and more unusual costumes but they bring out the same cuteness when placed on your child.  Some shops come up with movie themed costumes and some offer costumes you would see in the olden times.  Parties are also starting to change.  It is not just trick-or-treating, kids look forward to anymore.  There are many schools and private parties that come up with their own Halloween bash and that is the time where parents and children could show-off their costumes.  Be creative and do not stick with the usual.    Halloween comes only once a year and it is one of the events that children and parents remember the most.  With 364 days to think about what your child would wear, you should at least think of something more original.

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